Please help identifying modular stuff - thanks !

Anything modular synth related that is not format specific.

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Please help identifying modular stuff - thanks !

Post by Huarez » Sun Jan 26, 2020 5:22 am

Hi there !

...whilst searching for some specific transportable modular stuff using googles picture search function, i´ve stumbled upon some modular units, which imho are looking kinda older but nevertheless interesting, thus being quite far away from being transportable though...

After locating the corresponding thread on reddit ... is_device/ which has been posted more than three years ago, this unit did - for whatever reason - catched my attention immediately. Doing a little more searching, i´ve found another pack of images on the net, showing another unit which seems to belong to the other mentioned earlier. Within the old reddit thread the guys are talking of three units, which slightly differ between each other regarding the modules use, but also they mentioned that possibly the fixed filter bank is missing though.

Puzzling all those informations together, it seems to me that the fourth unit (three pictures attached, the unit which is lying on the floor) also belongs to the three others mentioned in the reddit thread, and taking a closer look at the pictures one can guess that the photos has been taken somewhere in Germany (due to the book´s titles and the magazine - thanks Google ;-) - albeit of this the unit shown there seems to have the fixed filter bank inside !

The individual modules have a "GB electronics" or "GP electronics" brand on each of them, but a decent search revealed nothing at least, so i´ve decided to ask within this "synth geeks" forum - perhaps someone meanwhile has all those nifty looking modular stuff integrated into his setup :despair: and is willing to share some information ´bout... Regards !!!
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Re: Please help identifying modular stuff - thanks !

Post by moremagic » Sun Jan 26, 2020 10:51 am

looks like somebody copied/cloned some moog modules. it you change the 7 series to a 9 series youll get the moog module model numbers

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Re: Please help identifying modular stuff - thanks !

Post by tardishead » Sun Jan 26, 2020 2:36 pm

wow that looks super cool
I wonder where it is now?

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