Starter Setup ?

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Re: Starter Setup ?

Post by TheDegenerateElite » Sun Mar 01, 2020 1:05 am

If you want to actually make music in line with Skinny Puppy/FLA stuff I wouldn't go with any of the suggestions here. Modular later, for sure, but not to start. If you just want to get into modular and maybe do some music later on that is like those bands, sure buy some modular, but understand that you'll need lots more stuff in the end to make songs. You've already noticed the extra costs for cases, controllers, and sequencers.

Anyways, my suggestion is this, since you already have a MIDI keyboard.

A Behringer Pro-1 and some sort of sampler sequencer like the Electron Model Samples. You will likely need to use a computer or phone app for actual sampling and editing, but that isn't that big a deal. The big plus here is the advanced sequencing and a drum machine, in addition to sample playback. The Pro-1 is the synth on much early industrial. If you can swing a distortion pedal, like a Boss DS-1 too, you are set.

Or you could add a Neutron and Keystep (for sequencing and CV), then worry about a true sampler later like an MPC One or a used Digitact. That would give you some time to master the synths first.

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Re: Starter Setup ?

Post by muleskinner » Mon Mar 02, 2020 3:48 am

IMO the Mother-32 is not a great semi-modular starting point unless you're really after that Moog sound (which isn't very 'Skinny Puppy') anyway. The Neutron is much better due to its price point, level of functionality, and the amount of 'utility' functions on its patchbay. It doesn't sound as good though. I replaced my Mother-32 for a Neutron and SQ-1 and much prefer that setup (though I miss the 'finesse' of the M32's sound).

I started from scratch fairly recently too (with one of those Doepfer a-100 DIY cases) and am still going through the process of refining my rack. One module I wish I'd bought earlier is a uO_C.

For the sort of music you want to do I'd have though a Basimilus Iteritas would be a great starting module. Expensive, but it has an inbuilt envelope/vca I believe so you could probably, in theory, run one on its own alongside a Neutron and a basic sequencer like the SQ1. I don't own one (yet).
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