newb question regarding pitch shift on release

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newb question regarding pitch shift on release

Post by NavinJohnson » Tue Feb 11, 2020 1:12 am

So I am quite new to synths. I have been controlling a Behringer Neutron with a Novation 49SL MKIII. I have been controlling it via MIDI with no issues, but tonight I connected up the CV and Gate out on the SLto the osc1&2 and E.Gate1 inputs respectively. Everything works but there is a slight but very noticable upward pitch shift on VCA envelope release. If I turn the release way down it is unnoticable because it is only on the release portion of the sound. This does not happen when I use MIDI, only when I use CV but it is noticable enough to be very bothersome. Any thoughts?


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