Reverse Patch Lookup Based On Owned Modules?

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Reverse Patch Lookup Based On Owned Modules?

Post by charliechuck01 » Thu Feb 20, 2020 1:18 pm

As someone who cooks regularly I often find it useful to look up recipes based on what ingredients I have in the kitchen... I would love to know if such a thing exists for modular synth patches: where one can enter in which modules they own and get patches people have made with those combinations... Is there such a thing? I’ve tried searching for “similar racks” in Modular Grid but the results are really way off (just bc I have one disting I don’t need a thousand versions of the 50 distings rack for example)

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Re: Reverse Patch Lookup Based On Owned Modules?

Post by dsant » Thu Feb 20, 2020 3:01 pm

Not sure if such a thing exists, or at least I've never heard of or seen it. I've looked in the passed of a sort of patch library for Eurorack in general, similar to the one for the MS-20 (makes me want to buy one), but never had any luck. I think Modular Grid is in the best position to implement such a thing. They have (most) all the modules, a patch interface, and user profiles. Things to do would be to improve the patching and the sharing of patches, and a better search/filter for other racks. It would be awesome to just name a few modules and find racks/patches with at least/only those modules. Its a lot of work, but way more for someone starting from scratch.

A more crude implementation is for someone to just upload pictures/templates of their system, add tags for search, and draw in their patch. I like the first idea better.

I mentioned the MS-20 patch library, I think they've expanded to include the Neutron and a few other semi modulars. I'm shocked there isn't one for the Make Noise Shared System actually.

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Re: Reverse Patch Lookup Based On Owned Modules?

Post by ProgRocket » Tue Mar 24, 2020 7:57 pm

I assume that most of the wigglers don't spend the tremendous extra time it takes to document the patches afterwards. What good would all those complex patches from others do you if youre missing two or more modules used in the patch. It would be soooo cool for simple patches and concepts though.

Did you try the 3-module-youtube series.

another idea might be to check out the vcv rack software. If i remember correctly you'll find hundrets of complex example patches with all the modules you'll ever want.

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