Technique for using feedback to create exponential envelopes

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Technique for using feedback to create exponential envelopes

Post by AugustusArnone » Sun Feb 23, 2020 11:41 pm

I'm pretty new to the modular world though I'm fairly experienced with audio engineering/mixing. I compose electronic music, among other things and have been using software until this year and now my Eurorack system is rapidly expanding. I've been reading this forum a lot and watching a lot of online videos and demos.

Anyhow, I'm trying to become more skilled at creating exponential envelope curves using my Pittsburgh Modular Mod Tools function generator in conjunction with their Dynamic Impulse Filter. I want to make some really plucky sounds as I've heard others do and I've been able to do with my Softube Modular PEG using its built in shapes.

I've been able to do it pretty well so far but there are a lot of controls to wiggle and I don't feel I totally understand it or am getting quite the shapes I want. I realize there are other function generators that have a dedicated exponential curve knob l, I don't have one yet.

Ok, so the Pittsburgh Mod Tools has a cv in for modifying the length of the envelope. I'm using a stackable cable to send the envelope out to the cv in of the dynamic impulse filter LPG, and I'm also feeding it back into the function generator's cv in. I have the attack short as possible and I want a short plucked release. There are three controls that can make the decay shorter or longer though - the cv length knob on the function generator, the decay length, and the cv in on the LPG. I've experimented with changing the relationships of those 3 controls to end up with roughly the same length decay and it doesn't sound radically different. I can get something that I like and when I compare to just a straight linear decay the latter sounds like a blip and the feedback one sounds more plucked. But I've experimented with modulating pitch or filter freq with very slow cycles to hear the shape better and I'm not getting what I thought I would, a quick fall that slows down towards the end. Maybe somewhat. I tried inverting the feedback just for the check of it and it is a fatter blip.

Anyone have any advice or techniques to share? I'm wondering how do I get the most pronounced exponential curve? More feedback cv influence? I will probably get a Maths when I start another rack, maybe a Fallistri though. But for now I like that I have so many tools in that one 8hp device. I'm getting a second one cause I only have 12hp left for now.

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