Parallel mixing multiple Fx on an audio source

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Parallel mixing multiple Fx on an audio source

Post by BeckettColt » Wed Mar 18, 2020 12:41 pm

Hi everyone,

That's my first message here, so thank you for having me onboard
I'll introduce myself in a few words :

My name's Olivier, I live in Paris France, I'm working in IT as senior dev. but also composing ambient / electro / future soul tracks.
Playing guitars / bass / keyboards but it all started in music school blowing into pipes (clarinet - sax) in the early 80s.

I've been looking at the modular scene for quite a while now, as the creative possibilities are endless

Now, my question is :

I have a bunch (5) of stereo pedals I'm using either on guitars or on synth : three Eventide H9, one Strymon TimeLine (delays) and Strymon BigSky (reverbs). At the beginning all those guys were connected in series, and I was bypassing some of the effects. Then I started thinking it was much more useful if I could use all these in parallel, and maybe having some of them in series via a patchbay, so I came up with this rack

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