Stillson Hammer mk II firmware v2.2 released (Aug 18 2018)

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Stillson Hammer mk II firmware v2.2 released (Aug 18 2018)

Post by mt3 » Sat Aug 18, 2018 1:17 pm


New firmware v2.2 posted (thanks jwise for the headsup!):

Burst behavior has been overhauled again. The default INIT behavior for the BURST SPEED page is to set the time to 32nd note retrigger. You can now get audible results simply by setting a BURST COUNT on the desired step without needing to switch to the SPEED page.
Initialize your sequences for best results. This upgrade may cause slightly different behavior in older sequences that make heavy use of the burst and slide functions.

* CV response time and slide adjusted. The sequencer now has a much snappier character compared to previous 2.0 versions.
* Burst random works again (access page by holding shift and pressing COUNT). The slider now sets the probability on that step of a burst retrigger event sounding on the gate output. You must set this probability for any steps that a running burst may overlap.
* Burst retrigger timing now properly follows the clock divider.
* Burst retrigger will NOT cause the associated CV output to update in the "CV GATE TIE MODE" unless there is also an active GATE on the same step.
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Post by revoltcrews » Sat Aug 18, 2018 7:25 pm

new firmware up and running :hail: :cloud:
thanks for the new burst workflow :sb: :banana:

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