Piston Honda MK3 pt 1 Panel Features [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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Piston Honda MK3 pt 1 Panel Features [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Post by mt3 » Sun Jan 06, 2019 4:57 am


This is the official, state-sponsored, Piston Honda mk III Front Panel Features Overview video.
All trespassers will be prostituted. No loitering, it damages the Earth.

Index of Temporal Segmentations

0:00 Introverview
0:33 Panel Controls
1:19 Oscillator Selection
2:10 Morph Enable
3:01 PATCH: Piston Honda mk II Interlewd
3:29 Tuning Features
4:30 CV+/-8V Input (simple Vibrator)
5:30 Link Button
6:48 Sync Input
7:19 Dual Wavetable Sync patch (featuring Piston Honda mk II)
8:01 PATCH: Tyme Sefari mk II Interlewd (I always feel like nobody's watching me...)
8:47 Frequency Modulations (FM)
9:52 Unapologetically Harsh & Metallic Timbres
10:24 PATCH: Abraxas FM
11:15 PATCH: Piston Honda mk II External FM Input Interlewd
12:25 Wavetable CV
12:39 PATCH: Piston Honda mk II as LFO to mk III Z-axis
13:12 PATCH: Piston Honda mk II as LFO to mk III X-axis
13:51 PATCH: Smooth & Chaotic Y & Z axes
14:25 Anti-Interpol
14:43 PATCH: The Final Technique: Zorlon B Gate Modulations
15:22 Quick Intuitives
15:53 PATCH: Ambient Sefari Stillson Andore Zorlon Kermit & Friends (i.e., other shit I can't see)

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Post by hawkfuzz » Sat Jan 19, 2019 8:33 pm

Glad this exists. Hopefully the newer modules get them as they come.

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Post by KoryB » Sat Feb 16, 2019 11:24 pm

Great demo!

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