Hertz Donut MK3 pt 1 [OFFICIAL VIDEO by IME]

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Hertz Donut MK3 pt 1 [OFFICIAL VIDEO by IME]

Post by mt3 » Fri Feb 15, 2019 2:19 pm


Official, state sponsored documanvideotorial by Industrial Music Electronics.
I think Walker Texas Ranger Farrell lent some dubs over it.

"The Hertz Donut is a complex digital oscillator with unison detune, programmable 3x4 modulation matrix mixer and external input. Intricate arrangements of phase distortion, thru-zero frequency modulation, and complex oscillation are instantly morphable and recallable through a voltage-controlled preset manager. Suitable for genre-targeted sequenced basslines, synthesis of stone, glass, and steel tones, and simulation of the acoustic properties of industrial machinery."

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