Basic question about stopping and starting my Stillson MKII

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Basic question about stopping and starting my Stillson MKII

Post by geokid » Thu Oct 17, 2019 3:40 pm

I externally clock my Eurorack from Ableton via an Intellijel uMidi II. I noticed that the "RUN" button on my Stillson Hammer only responds to start commands and not stop commands from Ableton. In other words, when I hit the spacebar to start live, my Eurorack and other gear starts up fine. Then I hit the spacebar again to stop. Everything stops fine as the SHMKII stops receiving MIDI and quits advancing, but the "RUN" LED remains lit up green. Then when I press play again to start everything back up, it turns the RUN button red and stops. It basically gets out of sync with the rest of my rig. I then have to stop and start again to get the RUN LED back in sync (or push the run button). I'm sure it's something stupid and was wondering if anyone else experienced this behavior and has a fix. I would love to just hit play in one spot. Thanks in advance!

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