Compilation Song 1310 Video * HALLOWECHO *

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Compilation Song 1310 Video * HALLOWECHO *

Post by ritchiedrums » Mon Sep 27, 2010 9:31 am


This song was created using the 3 demo pieces from the previous video.
Korg Monotron was added(my Theremin is being painted :hyper: )

All 4 parts are going through the delay module individually.

I tried something different on the delay for the monotron:
1) Played various rhythms on a trigger pad to create a MIDI track
2) MIDI sent to the MOTM-650 & gate out to MFOS sequencer
3) MFOS volt goes to LFO
4) LFO to CV input of 1310 module

The delays appear to be random, but they are actually 1/8 note, 1/16 note & Triplet patterns controlling the repeats........

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