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Post by Smokey » Thu Nov 09, 2017 3:34 pm

Great! Thanks.

Are Wiard's 300 series as deep as your modules?

So a case with an internal depth of 14" (355.6mm) should be good for both the modules, power supply, rails and cables?

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Post by slow_riot » Thu Nov 09, 2017 4:15 pm

Their dimensions are slightly different, where the enclosure sits behind the pots in the upper 2/3rd of the module rather than using the full height. You can sort of see what I mean here:

The depth is a bit longer than mine but not by much. You might want to check with Cary for exact measurements but I think 14" will be OK.

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Post by plord » Mon Nov 13, 2017 10:13 am

Just popping in to confirm that 14" is a good depth for standard-issue Wiard modules. That will give you room for the metal-box-what-holds-the-gizmo, plus the 5 pin DIN power supply cable (think the business end of a MIDI cable including healthy strain relief), plus a little finger room for the grabbing hand if you are going for an open-backed case w/no handles.

Learn from my mistakes: open back. *solid bottom* Even if you do a VCS style slant row for some Frac modules, as I did, having the bottom open to get easier access to power for those is WAY less important than having a big stable base to set on top of things.

I'm sure Cary already specified, but Wiard modules are 2.83" wide in imperial units.

(And many Blacet modules are 6" deep so your slant cabinet design is gonna be hella tall, or else restricted to shallower modules from other purveyors. Better to just go vertical modules the whole way).

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Post by Illwiggle » Thu Nov 30, 2017 1:31 am

Smokey wrote:Great! Thanks.

Are Wiard's 300 series as deep as your modules?

So a case with an internal depth of 14" (355.6mm) should be good for both the modules, power supply, rails and cables?
I built a basic 4-sided box out of plywood from Home Depot with very rudimentary skills on my back porch for around $65, just to have something basic to house the modules in until I figure out more about where this setup is going. Gained a lot of respect for woodworking! It is not easy. Nice racks is a excellent option.

Got 7 modules and a 311c. 6 modules in the box, one outside. Bought an unpowered skiff for the 311c & format converter pane. I made the box to be 16" deep just to have a little wiggle room in the back area between the Modules & PSU. I think it was a good idea, as things can be quite tight otherwise, but this case setup isnt good for gigging at all.

I think what folks are saying is solidly true; dont commit to a fixed custom case that doesnt conform to the 19" standard unless you have a clear well thought out vision of what you want your setup to be. In the beginning I thought I knew, but also knew that I really didnt, so kept it conservative w/regards to the casing. Its a bit janky, but it works until a better idea comes along.
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