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Woggle Bug Modular & Acoustic

Post by Llouwelyn » Fri Apr 06, 2018 6:56 am


I would like to know, how do you process for syncing LFO with Clock with an external clock please? ( It easy when Woggle Bug drive a master clock but LFO & Clock have an interact together. Syncing Clock in on the Woggle Bug is not a problem, but LFO?

My objectif is send a Signal Audio Acoustic in Disturb 1or 2 for get an interaction between Modular and Acoustic. ( Drums, piano ect...)

I hope your understand my question! :eek:

Thanks :tu:

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Post by slow_riot » Fri Apr 13, 2018 1:58 pm

Drive Clock In with the square wave of an LFO and it should gate the sample and hold controlling the Stepped voltages just the same as a clock.

Unlike the Make Noise version, which derives the Smooth output by slewing the Stepped,the Smooth output is independent, and cannot be synced to anything, but due o the recursive nature of the module, it's behaviour can certainly be influenced.

For the last question, you need to use an envelope follower to generate a DC voltage from an audio one, the simple AR envelopes in the Classic VCO or Waveform City will work. Feed the audio source into the input, and the A and R times will change how the DC signal follows the signal. An RMS to DC converter would be better. I can supply a design if you can DIY it.

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