JD Emmanuel & "Orgone" by Bitchin Bajas

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JD Emmanuel & "Orgone" by Bitchin Bajas

Post by mrsoundsampler » Thu Jan 23, 2020 2:46 pm

Okay... so I discovered JD Emmanuel's music some months ago, and I've really never have felt such an affinity for a sound as much as I'm drawn towards the sound of his three Pro-1 (or DSI Evolver?) synthesizers he used to produce his album Wizards. This music really resonates (lol) with me. It's really such an amazing and beautiful sound.

I've also found JD's sound echoed in the the song Orgone by Bitchin Bajas (not exactly the same, but similar).

I've recently dived into modular and was hoping someone might help point me in the right direction in terms of the modules that would allow me to emulate the sounds of JD and Orgone. In particular - what modules would allow me to produce similar timbre, droning, looping and pitch modulation found in the undulating sounds of these artists/tracks?

I've been able to get close with MI's Plaits in wavetable & harmonic wave modes in terms of the organ-like sound, but I am unclear on what modules to add in order to achieve long, undulating sequences, layering of those sequences, and how I might spice those sequences up with the addition of some higher pitched notes.

Am I crazy for thinking this is something that I might be able to get close to with a small modular setup?


PS - I'm not trying to COPY these tracks, it's just my source of inspiration :)

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