RECOMMENDATION: Live Looping Hardware

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RECOMMENDATION: Live Looping Hardware

Post by marcusgho » Sun Apr 26, 2020 10:25 pm

Hey everyone I been experimenting with adding live looping into my Techno Set

My current setup is to use my modular and a Octatrack.

The modular has my baseline (alternative between DPO, Erica Synth Bassline and Behringer Crave) routed to AB of the Octatrack while the modular drums sound are routed to CD of the Octatrack.

I set up the octatrack to live loop (hit Arm Track to record 4 bars of either the baseline or drums, switch scenes to crossfade between live modular sound source and the 4 bar loops) but i find it limiting as i have only 2 loops to play along with. However the BPM synced effects routing and delay is amazing

I am following this youtube video to set up the octatrack

So my question is this: I want to add more live looping and more recorded loops. I am looking at the 1010 Blackbox and it seems to fit everything except that the screen is small. I was wondering if any wigglers have any recommendations. These are my thoughts:

1) 1010 Blackbox. 16 Tracks of precorded loops or live looping. Sounds Perfect
2) Another Hardware Sampler? Models: Samples?
3) Ipad App
4) Eurorack Module: Sampling type

I am actually leaning towards to the iPad and was wondering if anyone has used any apps to achieve such a function


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Re: RECOMMENDATION: Live Looping Hardware

Post by minimalist » Fri May 01, 2020 9:30 am

I use a Pigtronix Infinity Looper. It is a pedal with two midi synced loop channels and independent volume knobs. What I like is that when I press the switch, it won't start recording until the beginning of the next bar and it automatically stops recording and starts playing and the end of the selected loop length.

I send signals from my euro using a splitter module with faders and bring it back in on a Make Noise Rosie which has a cross-fader.
I can then freely fade between the loop and the original euro. The loops are locked tightly too. The pedal has lots of other features but I never explored deeper than the looping as that is the reason I bought it. As a bonus, it has an internal SD card so it can keep a copy of your loops.

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Re: RECOMMENDATION: Live Looping Hardware

Post by 128.5mm » Sun May 03, 2020 8:47 pm

I find the Kaoss Pad 3 to be amazing for some live looping fun, if your eurorack is being clocked by something you can put to a precise bpm. I clock my rack with a Roland TR-8s and set it to the same bpm as my KP3. Then I can grab up to 4 layers of quantized loops from it, each at their own quantized length from 1 beat to 4 bars long. It's nice to have on the send of a mixer, or just put the rack output straight into it. It has a "wet/dry" control for loops vs what's coming through the input. And yeah of course some nice multi fx to add on top. Tempo synced delay is always nice.
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Re: RECOMMENDATION: Live Looping Hardware

Post by healingproperties » Thu May 21, 2020 4:02 pm

I’ve been using the EHX 45000 slaved to the digitakt, which is slaved to MI Yarns...usually keeping the looper in an FX loop rather than in a single fx chain

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Re: RECOMMENDATION: Live Looping Hardware

Post by dubonaire » Sun May 24, 2020 12:06 am

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