New and Improved Modular Feedback Synth Now Available!

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New and Improved Modular Feedback Synth Now Available!

Post by legionhwp » Tue Mar 18, 2014 6:04 am

New and improved DAED Modular Feedback Synth now available:

Full info up at:


- Dedicated Ground and NEW CV INput Jack for running from external sequencers, etc!
- New LED!
-Extended range in Modulation section.
- Additional Patch points!

Plus all the original Noise goodness
-Two Interactive Tone Generators
- Photo Resistor Modulation Section (momentary and full on switchable)
- Patch Points with Real-time Touch Sensitive Modulation.
- Separate switchable Low Range Modulation Section
- Tone Modifiying Lowpass filter
- Momentary and Full On/Off Playability
- 9VT battery and/or AC Operation
- 1/4” Output for merging with Effects, Amps, and Friends
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