Am8328 mirage filter key tracking issue?? + knob alignment

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Am8328 mirage filter key tracking issue?? + knob alignment

Post by oneiric.tomb » Mon Aug 27, 2018 9:31 pm

Hi there, I just purchased an AM8328 secondhand and I really love the sound,
But I noticed two issues one is that the CV2 pot is not aligned with the values (at fully counterclockwise it's all the way at ten, and fully clockwise it stops at 7.)
Is there an easy way to remove and reset the cv2 knob?

The other is that the key tracking doesnt seem to do anything al all. Ive tested it a few different ways...Is there a way to calibrate the keyteacking? I'd rather not try to send it to the UK for repair. Esp since I've had bad luck with UK post and probably no way I'll ever find another one of these..

(BTW, this was a secondhand module so who knows when/ how these issues occurred)
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