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Discussions and information relating to the upcoming Modular Synthesizer Documentary.

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I Dream Of Wires - Hosted Forum! About the film + FAQ

Post by Muff Wiggler » Sat Nov 12, 2011 9:46 pm

I'm quite pleased that Jason & Robert have chosen to host the discussion forum for their upcoming film here with us at Muff's! I've moved all relevant threads into this new section, and Jason asked me to kick things off with this FAQ post, so below is the intro text he sent me. Thanks guys and welcome to your new forum!


I DREAM OF WIRES: THE MODULAR SYNTHESIZER DOCUMENTARY will take you on a journey into the obscure, but highly influential world of modular synthesizers. Learn how it revolutionized music from the pioneers that were there, why it quickly became obsolete, and how it has become all the rage again. Our aim is to create a definitive document on the modular synthesizer revival. Please watch the promotional trailer and see some of the amazing people we've already interviewed; and that's just the beginning...

I DREAM OF WIRES started off as a modest exploration of the passion and obsession of a few designers, manufacturers, collectors and musicians, but interest in the film has convinced us that there is a demand for a comprehensive documentary that will explore, both geographically and thematically, the wide ranging influence of the modular synthesizer. So far, the entire production has been conceived, shot, edited, and financed by one person, director Robert Fantinatto. Response to the film's in-progress promotional trailer, recently posted to YouTube, has been overwhelming enthusiastic, sometimes verging on fanatical! Synthesizer forums have been abuzz with commentary, and the most common response has been people suggesting who must be interviewed, that there needs to be more. The modular synthesizer community has responded to the quality of the trailer, and are now determined that this project is destined to be the ultimate modular synthesizer documentary.

IndieGoGo fund raising campaign:
YouTube promotional trailer:
Official Website (in progress):
IDOW & MATTRIXSYNTH Modular Pic of the Week Contest:
http://m.matrixsynth.com/2011/10/i-drea ... esent.html

Q: When will the film be released?
A: We are aiming to conclude filming before summer 2012, with a fall/winter 2012 ETA for the completed film.

Q: If you don’t raise the $30K in your IndieGoGo campaign, what happens to the project and the investors?
A: It will still get made and people will get the package that they paid for. It just means that we won’t likely be able to afford to do things like go to Germany &/or the UK. There is already enough footage for an interesting doc, and after our West Coast trip, including NAMM 2012, there is no doubt that we will have more than enough footage for a great doc. But it would be a shame to limit it to the North American scene/perspective.

Q: Will Trent Reznor/Brian Eno/Aphex Twin/Keith Emerson/Radiohead/Deamau5/Hans Zimmer/Vince Clarke/etc/etc be interviewed?
A: A lot of people have suggested/demanded the inclusion of these and various other famous musicians and modular synthesizer users. Please, we are not looking for any more suggestions of this nature, unless you have direct contact information for us to follow up on. We are well aware of just about every famous modular synth user, and we have made efforts to get in touch with most of them. These people are difficult to get into contact with and have very busy schedules! Direct contact info is really the only useful information to pass on to us. So if you have direct contact info or useful leads for obtaining interviews with famous modular synth users, please get in touch via jason [at] idreamofwires [dot] org.

Q: You should cover some of the European & UK modular scene, for example Doepfer/Cwejman/Schneiders Buero/Analogue Systems/Macbeth/etc/etc.
A: We hope to travel to the UK and Germany for some interviews. However, whether we can afford to do that or not is still TBC. Please understand that we are a small, independent production, so what "should" be done and what can be done are going to be dependent on how our IndieGoGo campaign pans out. Please give this a read: http://www.indiegogo.com/I-Dream-of-Wires. Specifically, the "What We Need & What You Get" section.

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Hello from Rob Fantinatto, Director of I Dream of Wires

Post by scribble744 » Sat Nov 12, 2011 10:45 pm

Hi Everyone,

Rob Fantinatto (scribble744) here...

It's a real pleasure to be moderating this subforum and particularly to be hosted at Muff's! I am in the enviable position of directing this film, it has been an enormous pleasure so far not because of the amazing gear I've had a chance to explore (though that has been a thrill) but more due to the amazing individuals that I've met along the journey. Is there any other group of people with a common interest that is friendlier or more generous?

I want to thank everyone who has shown so much interest and enthusiasm for this project. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions, though I warn you, it may take me a while to respond, along with working on this film, I am a single father of 3, so it gets a bit crazy at times, but I will do my best!

Thanks again and I look forward to interacting with everyone here...


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Post by Flex Off » Mon Jul 01, 2013 3:46 pm

looking forward to seeing the full vid :)

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