Re-synthesizing Fractal Vision

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Re-synthesizing Fractal Vision

Post by levanzoso » Mon Jan 13, 2020 12:06 pm

Hello Everyone.

Recently I've been trying trying to recreate some of my favorite tracks from scratch. I do this just for practicing in synthesis. I cannot say that I am getting really great results but it is still much fun. :party:

My current mission is to try to recreate the lead from Fractal Vision by Anthony Linell. From what I have read from his interviews he records his tracks on analog synths and then processes them in Ableton Live. I'm pretty sure he doesn't use modular.

It clearly sounds like FM to me. My approach was using square wave as a carrier, modulated by saw wave (depth of ~60%). I tuned carrier an octave higher than the modulator. I do not have any particular reason for these waveforms, it just sounded closer. I also synced carrier to modulator and I can add movement by fine-tuning the carrier and it doesn't lose the pitch. Still the sound is miles away from the original. Please tell me if you have any ideas (or if you think that it is mission impossible).

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