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Post by ege.gonul » Fri Dec 06, 2019 3:28 pm

Headphone mixing is the biggest mistake I made in the last ten years of music-making. Bass amplitude is never accurate, the stereo image is much wider, and since there is no cross leak between L and R, sounds might become harsh on speakers. Rule of thumb: never tweak anything timbral while wearing headphones. Even a single filter cutoff automation. But it is okay to audio edit or writing sequences on existing sound generation setup. Sonarworks also not saves the day. Here is a technical video about it:

The second biggest mistake was mixing with 5inch speakers (they were not cheap ones: Adam A5X). Although it is not problematic as headphones, the bass problem is almost the same. So a 7inch Yamaha HS speakers are all you need, and continuously listening different tracks on those speakers for having references mixes at your subconscious.

Edit: Headphones I used are HD650, DT770 & ATH-M50X

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