Bassline approach

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Bassline approach

Post by SunRa » Fri Dec 06, 2019 11:57 am

I am trying to decompose this tune and approach its bassline.

I've got some suby staff from the modular and disrtorted it thru AMPs and filters but I'm still far away.

Any idea??

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Post by PhineasFreak » Sun Dec 08, 2019 6:46 am

i do such stuff in modular by putting a rhythmic gating pattern onto a source of low sine or square tone - sometimes with a little pwm or animation,
then gate sequence with quite a short repeating pattern - maybe 2 bars maximum, giving something that grooves with the percussion - side chained to a particular drum if necessary to make them fit nicely,
then modulate the whole bassline with cv's from a random biut clocked source to control say decay time and overdrive and stuff until you get a nice funky pulsing/grooving feel going on

you may not instantly get a good bassline but a fw quick tweaks to the gate pattern or the timing/cv leves of the modulator setteings and something usually just 'falls into place'

my goto for such stuff is a trig riot doing gate sequencing and also clocking a z8000 which then sends the clocked cvs to an 808 kick module - hexinverter mutant kick works great because it has trigger in for the pattern and cv control over decay, distortion level and pitch

[adding pitch sequence involves a little more musical skill as far as finding even quantised patterns of cvs to send which sound right so i'd try adding that after nailing the basics using monotone stuff for minimal techno/house

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