Synth / sampler processed guitar

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Synth / sampler processed guitar

Post by Northward » Sun Feb 09, 2020 11:29 pm

I'm want to create melodically evolving droney sounds with el-guitar for ambient shoegazy music. I don't care if it sounds like a guitar at all. In fact I'd prefeer if it doesn't. How about synths that have audio-in and compress and makes noise in a musical way with digital character. I wonder what the CEM / Curis-chips synths with analog in does to an electric guitar sound. The DSI Evolver can be a audio signal effector with stereo inputs, but I haven't heard good excamples of use. Dave Smith interesstingly demos this himself but it doesn't sound that good to be honest in the poor quality video. .
The Evolver is such a cool synth. Dave Smith clames he's not nostalgic, still we just seem to get new generations Prophets and Pro One's instead..

Any ideas / links to interessting audio processing through synths. Is real time audio through older samplers possible?

It isn't much to write home about in this area which really explain the thriving scene of old sampler upgrades. A Rossum desktop unit of the Assimilat8r would be a bit of a wet dream, but Rossum are all modular company and looking at their recently unbelivable silly priced 35th Anniversary SP-1200, hope of that seems far fetched. As much as I'm tempted of the sound, I'm not getting a clunky old sampler. There is a wiff of news that Otomachines realeasing a new product soon that's inspired by classic samplers and I'm really crossing my fingers! I think they may have something special coming.

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