Input sensitivity for euro?

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Input sensitivity for euro?

Post by IEC » Sat Mar 07, 2020 6:31 pm

Here is a quick quote from the manual for my interface... its an RME fireface UC

"Line In Defines the reference level of the rear analog inputs 5-8. The available settings are -10 dBV, +4 dBu and LoGain."

I have been using the LoGain setting, as my google fu led me to believe it matches the euro output the best. however in practice its rather difficult to boost the amplitude every individual track up high enough for recording. most tracks end up being attenuated a fair bit by filters and the like, or are not that loud to begin with (looking you mutant drums!) then i turn them up in my daw later and get a bunch of white noise

It is feasible to just use a more sensitive input setting and just have everything attenuated to match? all my track pass through some form of attenuation, but amplification options are limited. which setting would be best for my needs, and what effect, if any would this have on the noise floor?

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