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Post by Futuresound » Wed Aug 01, 2018 12:39 pm

I finally got one of these after want one forever. I thought I'd start a thread to collect some thoughts and information on this module.

I know there's a thread in DIY, but some people may not think to look there.

First of all, this thing sounds amazing.With feedback disabled it's a fantastic distortion, with a big range of sounds available with the gain knob. The addition of the direct outs makes it very flexible too.

Turn on the feedback though, and it gets wild. With simpler signals, you'll get everything from bright bubbling resonance all the way up to screeches and into weird rhyming squeaks and squeals. Give it more dynamic, rhythmic and complex signals though, and you get everything from subtly overdriven volume increase to distortion to syncopated swells of rich tones and noise. Run THAT sound through a Jomox T-Resonator and you've got enough character for a lifetime of records :) There's a lot of interplay between the channels on the mix output, depending on signal input (including no input), gain setting and feedback setting.

Next, the interface. It's definitely... unorthodox. Which isn't surprising, but it did take me a while to begin to understand what was going on. Note, I could be wrong about any of this, perhaps haikuish well correct me of so.

First, the inputs and outputs. These are pretty straightforward:
  • Audio In per channel
  • Direct Out per channel. Plugging a cable into Direct Out removes that channel from the mix output.
  • CV in
  • Mix out.
Next, the switches:
  • The left switch for each channel mutes the output of that channel: Up = on, down = mute
  • The right switch enables feedback. On my module, this switch is 'reversed': Up = feedback off, Down = feedback on
Next, the Feedback CV control:
  • The CV attenuator appears to be reversed: CV is at max when the knob is counter-clockwise, and is attenuated as you turn the knob clockwise. I've never seen this behavior before!
  • The module appears to only respond to negative voltages at the CV input! Positive voltages appear to have no effect at all, regardless of how other controls on the module are set. Crazy!
  • How much effect any CV control has seems to depend heavily on the input signal. It's usually pretty subtle, but in a few patches, I was getting very dynamic response to CV, so it all depends...
Lastly, the EQ:
  • The left EQ knob is either a low-cut shelving EQ or a gentle HPF. Even though it's clearly labelled on the panel, I assumed this was a low-boost EQ and was pretty confused for a while :).
  • The right EQ is probably either a high-cut shelving EQ or a gentle LPF, but on my module, does almost nothing. There is an 'EQ Level' trimmer that might affect this knob, but I haven't had time to try that yet.

Anyway, this thing sounds great, is super fun to play with, and looks cool. There aren't a lot of demos out there, so I'll record some audio soon, as soon as I'm done rearranging the studio.

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