Orbitals White Switches - 1 spare set

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Orbitals White Switches - 1 spare set

Post by oscarthesquirrel » Sun Aug 09, 2015 5:36 am


(cross post from MusicTech DIY - didn't know precisely where to post this...)

I managed to buy 40 white TOGGLE (locking) push button illuminated switches (PS004-L22NPR1AXTUWXX) and 2 MOMENTARY push button illuminated switches( PS004-N22NPR1AXTUWXX) from the manufacturer in Taiwan.

I'll be using a set of the whites 20 + 1 for my own build, and therefore have a full set of whites available if someone wants to pick them up for cost+postage

Costs were USD1.13/piece and 1.09/piece respectively. I also had to pay USD20 shipping, so spread over 42 pieces thats an extra 0.47.

So effectively USD1.50/switch - postage to Europe/US from Malaysia is roughly USD5 for a small airmail package.

I also have the set of yellows from Mouser which were my fallback - and these cost GBP2.79 each. Happy to do a deal for these if someone is looking to buy for their own build.
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