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Post by pugix » Tue Jan 01, 2019 5:58 pm

Smokey wrote:
Update! :bananaguitar:

I came across a link on the Control website about a Tocante Spa Treatment. You can watch in the embedded video Peter talk about early power supplies on the Tocantes. The issue with my Phashi ended up being an older model battery that had died.

I shipped it to Control and Rachelle replaced the battery and sourced a gold screw from Peter to replace a bent one. All I had to pay was shipping. Works and sounds great again!

Much appreciation to Peter, Rachelle, and Control. If anyone else has problems with charge and sensitivity, I'd recommend sending it to Control.

This is great information!

I'd like to do this myself. All I need is the battery. I looked at the site and didn't find a battery part number. Does anyone know what the part is and where to order? I suppose we could email Control to find out.

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