Rollz 5 and Sidrax

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Rollz 5 and Sidrax

Post by southphillysynths » Sat Mar 16, 2019 10:27 pm

I have just been messing around with my 2017 Rollz-5 and Sidrax together.

Trying to cross patch things and really having no luck. Any outs form the bars going to trigger any of the inputs on Rollz yields nothing. Patching rolls to any of the inputs on sidrax doesn't do anything either.

I'm understanding that the inputs on rollz for the gongues, av dogs, and ultrasounds are basically only pulse ins correct? Also the Inputs on Sidrax would only be FM or modulating chaos or pitch, even patching in rollz doesn't really have any effect at all.

The only result I have had is patching triangle outs to the ultrasound ins and getting a drone but that's basically just audio rate fm.

Any insight on things to try to make these speak would be great!

P.S. Yes I have the ground nanner connected :hihi:
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