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Post by loss1234 » Thu Feb 27, 2014 11:02 am

I've been thinking about creating this list so people can easily figure out which module might fill their needs. Or to show people what the modules they already own can do!

it works like this...add a function and then explain which module can do it


A/D Envelope: Ardcore

Analog Tracker: Ardcore wExpander

Adsr: Ardcore

Auto Switch: Ardcore

Bit-Crusher (Digital): Ardcore

Bit-Crusher ( Analog) : Telephone Game ( with a fast clock)
Bouncing Ball: Ardcore

BYTEBEAT generators: (do try these!!!!) Ardcore

Cellular Automata: Ardcore
Comparator: Ardcore
Clock Divide : Ardcore/ Telephone Game
Clock Source: Chaos Brother/Dreamboat/Dronebank/Telephone Game/Ardcore/Telephone Game

Delay: Wow and Flutter

Delay (8-bit/dirty ) : Ardcore "Long_Delay_Best" sketch

Distortion: Ardcore Distortion Sketch

Distortion (experimental) plug audio into CV input of Chaos Brother or Dreamboat. Turn Gate Threshold to max. Turn speed to max. enough of the signal should get through as chopped up mess.

or plug audio into Telephone Game, give it a FAST clock and use the 5 out or Morph out for messed up audio

Drum Sample Player:Ardcore

Drum Trigger sequencer : Ardcore w expander( see many sketches...Tapped Out, Clocks,etc)

Drum Triggers (human feel) : Dreamboat Gate out /CHAOS bro gate out
a. taking your master clock and subdividing it. then plug this division into the CV IN of the chaos brother Or Dreamboat ( or both) and turn CV up.
b. Then take the gate output and plug it into your Envelope (with vca) setup.
c. adjust threshold until the drum sound going through the vca, sounds like a hand drummer.
D.further interesting variations are available by plugging a Mult of the gate out back into your master clock Or clock divider. ( to add subtle or intense changes in the rhythm) Chaos Excels at adding Organic Variations to mechanically divided beat patterns. remember chaos is alive!}

Drum Sounds: Dreamboat top Section through vca/filter can work quite well!
Dronebank Mix out with all oscillators at high pitch, hi pass filtered and mixed with noise can do cymbals! or use the mix out with a short env/vca for percussive Pings or Chords. Or use the white noise out of the Telephone Game filtered for snares, etc

Drones: Dronebank

Drunken Walk / Drunken Note Generator: Ardcore

Envelope Follower: Wow and Flutter (env out jack)

Euclidean Trigger Seq: Ardcore

Filter: n/a coming soon in Major General

Fraktal Synth: port of Fraktal Synth for Ardcore (try it!)

FM VCO: Ardcore (FAC FM OSC)

FM Source: Top section of Dreamboat. Dronebank outs

Gates (Random) : Ardcore (Random gates sketch)

Gates Chaotic : Chaos Brother (gate out)

Gate Delay : Ardcore

Gate Train Chaotic(Fast) Dreamboat (Gate Out)

Gate Sequencer: Ardcore

Generative Music: most Snazzy Fx modules will help in this department!
(do try chaos modules cross-coupled, Bytebeat Ardcore Sketches, Telephone Game Driven by Chaos Bro out, Wow and flutter env out jack feedbacking into the source it is applying effects to it is applying effects to, the gate out jacks of chaos modules controlling vcas which are allowing more or less CV to feed through the system, etc)

Glissando: Ardcore

Harmonic Series: Dronebank. set one oscillator as the fundamental and the next four as the harmonics

Harmonize: Ardcore "Harmonize_notes_Cv" Sketch

Hi-hat : Ardcore- Fac Drum Player


Kick Drum (sampled): Ardcore Fac Drums

Kick Drum ( from scratch) Find Low Bass sounds and env/vca them. Chaos Brother (Turn speed and chaos knobs to 10. take x output and use vca/env to gate it.)
Dronebank: turn all 5 oscillators varying shades of bass. gate.
Ardcore: Fac Fm osc...turn osc1 to low pitch. add fm modulation. gate
Ardcore: Load sinewave oscillator sketch, mix with noise from Telephone Game. Gate

Lfo: Ardcore lfos (there are many good ones!)
Lfo : many users report using the Chaos Brother as a different sort of Lfo

Logic: Ardcore Logic Module

Meter: Ardcore Voltage Meter

NSCALE: Ardcore "NScale_Cv_Best" sketch

noise: Telephone Game white noise out
noise: Ardcore WhiteNoise sketch

Noise( chaotic) Dreamboat top section can be set to chaotic noise

Oscillator: Dronebank (x5), many Ardcore sketches, Chaos Brother when set to zero chaos, Dreamboat top at some settings (sine)

More later

FEEL FREE TO ADD TO THE LIST!!! ill compile it all together. maybe make a sticky

Wiggling with Experience
Posts: 304
Joined: Sat Sep 12, 2009 11:29 pm

Post by loss1234 » Thu Oct 16, 2014 10:05 am

Due to the hopefully pre- Xmas release of the neW module , the SNAZZY FX TIDAL WAVE,
we will be able to add LOTS of functions to the Snazzy FX list !
Voltage controlled four pole
Voltage controlled resonance
Sine wave osc
Voltage controlled mixer
Pseudo-Random/Auto Triggered attack/release Envelope

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