Interfacing ardcore and quneo

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Interfacing ardcore and quneo

Post by eclectics » Thu Jan 22, 2015 7:09 am

(Repost since original was on the cusp of the great muffs disaster of 2015)

Ardcore is brilliant, but the panel restricts the sort of sketches that
can be effectively controlled.

So-- I have a quneo, which can output regular midi. The LEDS on the queneo
can be controlled by sending midi to it.

I've interfaced it directly with the ardcore-- an ardcore sketch is receiving midi
via A2, and sending midi from D0, using the Software Serial library.

I've got DIN midi to/from the quneo through the KMI midi expander, through an arduino midi shield and
into 2 mini jack sockets. The shield is being powered by another arduino, but it's not involved.

The sketch is a simple 16 step trigger sequencer, using clkIn for the rate, and d0 for
the output. The sequencer can be stopped/started/reset and the direction can be reversed.

Quneo pads turn individual steps on or off. The are used to stop/start and reset, and the
first pair of horizontal buttons are used to set the direction.


The quneo preset I'm using disables a lot of the midi data the quneo can send-- otherwise it seems
to pretty easily overwhelm the software serial library. I found it convenient to get the
controller to send the same notes as it uses for remote led control. Local leds have also been

At some point I want a simple box that has 2 midi din connectors and
the little bits necessary to put the midi serial data to 2 mini jacks; but from what I understand
it looks like it will need it's own 5v power source? I was hoping to get away with wiring a
MIDI din socket to a mini jack socket but that doesn't seem to work.

There's lots of possibilities with this. The quneo itself has a grid mode which makes each corner
of the pads active-- so it's an 8x8 grid controller. The ardcore could easily allow selecting of
different layers too.

Time to look at meadow physics again.

Code and quneo preset is available from

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