Ardcore ADSR/LFO

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Ardcore ADSR/LFO

Post by eef » Mon Apr 04, 2016 10:40 pm

See here:

Note that the layout of the knobs is a bit different than you might expect, because the Attack and Decay are VC'able. The knobs also run in reverse, sort of. If you are used to the Wiard envelator, it will seem natural.

Also a couple of neat features: set the Sustain all the way to zero, and you have an LFO. The release knob becomes clock adjust in LFO mode. With a slow clock and big steps, you get a sort of Tremolo on top of the envelope. At least is sounds like Tremolo to me, even though it is monotonically increasing. Interesting pyscho-acoustic phenomenon.

Note also that in ADSR mode, it really does sustain, check the code for the Interrupt service routine that makes that possible.


p.s. Why an envelope generator?? Because it was a fun coding project, and because I have 15U of Euro, and no ADSR ...

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