Tenori-ON can't autoswitch blocks? Why?

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Re: Tenori-ON can't autoswitch blocks? Why?

Post by pikablue » Thu Jan 07, 2021 11:30 am

Paranormal Patroler wrote:
Thu Jan 07, 2021 8:15 am
Hey pikablue is the firmware hack still an option? I wanna have my TOs shipped over, and give it a try.
I'm not sure which firmware feature you are referring to. The website is still up, and has release A029 (and about to release A030); each release collectively includes all the features from the previous release, so you only need to load the latest one. There is a long list of new capabilities but I still haven't managed to reorganise the website to be more friendly and document like, apologies.

For example, the new firmware:

- Has 2 new layer types : Score256 (which is a version of Score in which the blocks are all chained together sequentially), and Abacus (as it sounds)

- Includes "meta" controllers where one layer can change the behavior of another. Meta controller types currently include pan, velocity, octave and master transpose, a block change controller, etc.

- Includes "split" modes where some of the LEDs in a layer act to modify the behavior of the other notes. Split types include octave, velocity, note length, probability, pan and offbeat.

- Includes MIDI-in recording for most layer types to allow a sort of MIDI looper.

- Modifies the midi transport controls to play nice with DAWs and external controllers, including adding CC messages for block changes and song position pointers

- Can now use layers to generate MIDI CC messages

- Different scale and midi channel per layer

Plenty of people have reported successful installation; several have sent bug reports and requests for new capabilities, so I don't get the impression I've bricked anyone's TNR. One brave user is now sending code contributions!

Development is still continuing when time and RL permits, and probably will until my TNR dies; I have a long list of things still in the pipeline for implementation...

Does that answer your question?

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Re: Tenori-ON can't autoswitch blocks? Why?

Post by Paranormal Patroler » Fri Jan 08, 2021 5:11 am

It sure does. And here's hoping your TO never dies.
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