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nw2s::b USB MIDI controllers

Post by scottwilson » Wed May 27, 2015 8:05 am

In preparation for the b2 prototyping, I'm working on a few new USB devices - in particular, some USB MIDI controllers. I'll keep this thread updated with developments over the next couple of weeks as they get tested and checked in to the repo.

To start with, we've got the basics... a monophonic USB Midi to CV. The biggest difference between the 'b and most others is that with the possibility of so many IO, we can be a little more creative...

The monophonic voice has separate outputs for each of the following:

- Pitch CV (note + pitchbend)
- Velocity CV
- Gate
- Pressure CV (note pressure)
- Note ON trigger
- Note OFF trigger

And of course, there is a common channel aftertouch CV.
- Aftertouch (channel pressure)

Here's what it looks like in JSON:

Code: Select all

	"program" : 	

		"name" : 			"USB Monophonic Midi",
		"clock" :

			"type" : "FixedClock",
			"tempo" : 120,
			"beats" : 16			

		"devices" : [
				"type" : "USBMonophoncMidiController",
				"gate" : 2,
				"pitch" : 1,
				"velocity" : 3,
				"pressure" : 5,
				"aftertouch" : 4,
				"triggerOn" : 3,
				"triggerOff" : 4
There's also a split mode with two complete monophonic voices split across the keyboard.

More details on the site: http://nw2s.net/usb-midi-basics

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