nw2s::b MIDI input - SOLVED

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nw2s::b MIDI input - SOLVED

Post by spacenoodle » Sat Feb 16, 2019 11:49 pm

I'm trying to get a MIDI input installed in my nw2s::b

I've got a 61n38 set up like this but the Due in the nw2s::b is (in place of the Teensy of course), and I'm only using the MIDI in:


I checked the Serial out on pin 6 of the 6n138 using a scope and it looks good. It idles at 3.3v and goes low when Serial data is going by. Sharp edges. But I'm getting nothing when monitoring the Arduino IDE serial port.

Edit: my bad - the GPIO pins are apparently 1 pin off from lining up exactly with the serial pins and I never bothered to check. Working now.

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