KR-55 uniPulse installation questions

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KR-55 uniPulse installation questions

Post by Jero » Sat Jul 06, 2019 6:01 am

Hey, I am following the KR55 installation guide for the uniPulse (MK3). ... ion-guide/

Just have a few questions to confirm my understanding...
Click images for larger version...


I’d like to solder the Power (V+/GND) and Clock / Reset on this side of the board.
Will it be possible? and have the pins/solder points been identified correctly?

It was a little unclear to me about connecting the MIDI sync switch.

Do I solder the wires of D1 and D2 from the uniPulse to Pin 2 and 5 (respectively) of the DPDT switch?

And, do I solder wires to the Clock (Pin 3) and Reset (Pin 4) of IC3 and then solder the other end of these wires to Pin 3 and 4 (respectively) of the DPDT switch? Do I supply these wires myself?

Finally, does this switch connect to the Learn pads of the uniPulse? In which case, I supply these wires?

Thank you.

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Re: KR-55 uniPulse installation questions

Post by Telstar » Sat Feb 22, 2020 10:24 am

Anybody got an to answer this?
I'm installing Unipulse as well, in a Korg KR-55.
Can't see where RST is, at all.

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Re: KR-55 uniPulse installation questions

Post by tubbutec » Tue Mar 17, 2020 7:07 am

For external MIDI control please follow the attached image:
- solder 1 wire to pin 3 of IC 3 (Clock)
- solder 1 wire to pin 4 of IC 3 (Reset)
- solder both wires to the provided DPDT switch, eg one to each middle pin
- solder the Unipulse D1 wire to the bottom pin of the switch for the clock connection
- solder the Unipulse D2 wire to the bottom pin of the switch for the reset connection

Please also refer to the installation manual: ... ion-guide/

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