uTune expander output behaviour

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uTune expander output behaviour

Post by honkfink » Mon Mar 30, 2020 8:18 am

I sent an email a couple of days ago. This issue also happened with firmware 1.98 , hw18

I've installed uTune expander. Updated to latest firmware 2.01 and reset. Could not get notes out of channel 4. Going from MIDI din to CV. Its looks as though the module is receiving information as arrow is lit up. I have the same settings on all channels. Output note number stays 0 and there is a c next to arrow as in picture attached. Not sure what this means.

I later managed to get cv and gate out of channel 4 after setting CV in to none for channel 4. The c is still there. Is this a firmware issue? No other cables were plugged in at the time.
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Re: uTune expander output behaviour

Post by tubbutec » Tue Mar 31, 2020 2:39 am

This issue only affected 2 expanders in total as we started testing for this fail mode immediately. So if you buy expanders now, they will be working without issues.

sorry for the late reply. We have much less time for work than usually at the moment, due to the Corona virus situation.

The issue is a hardware issue with the plug-in detection. The expander 'thinks' that CV is always plugged in. We recently had a similar issue with an other customer and are now testing for this in production. I would like to apologize for your troubles.

You already found the work-around: Settings CV-in to none will disable the quantizer and allow midi to pass to the output. Alternatively you can set the CV-in to 'transpose' with target channel 4. This will allow both midi and CV at the same time.

The issue is actually the socket itself, here a contact is bent inside.

Of course you can return your Expander for repair, but please note that currently shipping can take a long time.
If you can live with the workaround for now, I recommend to wait a bit with returning it until things have calmed a bit.

kind regards
Tobias Münzer

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