Want to build the 16-Step Sequencer

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Want to build the 16-Step Sequencer

Post by JCHaywire » Sat Jun 16, 2018 8:15 am

I just finished (well, mostly... it'll always be in a state of tweakage) the MFOS Ultimate/Expander and I'd like to build the 16-Step Sequencer. I started sourcing the ICs and noticed that the 2-PCB set is out of stock. Is this something that will be forever OOS, or does somebody carry it? Anybody got a set for sale? Synthcube seems to be down (?). I need guidance here. I was going to do it on perfboard, but troubleshooting would be a nightmare!
Looking for suggestions. Thank you!
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Post by Schlumpfhut » Sun Jun 17, 2018 12:50 am

One possibility would be to buy the 3-pcb set and ommit the vari-clock board for the time being. Or you just build the sequencer with the vari-clock.


Post by JohnLRice » Sun Jun 17, 2018 1:47 am

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