DVCA half-wave rectification

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DVCA half-wave rectification

Post by glindstedt » Wed Nov 11, 2020 3:13 pm

I've got an issue with a DVCA I built from a kit a few months ago (kit meaning all SMD came presoldered, I only soldered the pots/connectors). It's only amplifying the positive half of the signal, the rest gets cut off. This symptom is the same on both channels.

I have tried to debug this a couple of times but as an electronics amateur I fear this is beyond my current ability. When checking with an oscilloscope the signal is completely fine before R5 and R6 respectively for each channel, but right after this it gets rectified (at this point it's flipped though, so the positive half is cut off). I've checked that all the ICs are connected to both rails and to ground, which seems to be the case. I've tried replacing the V2164 since it's a shared component for both channels but the symptoms remain. Another bet I haven't tried yet would be to replace the U2 TL072 since it's also early in the circuit and shared on both channels, but at this point I'm just throwing ICs at it without understanding the issue.

I'm wondering if this issue is something anybody has seen before, or if anybody has any tips on what to investigate?


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