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Post by BadPixel » Tue Jan 12, 2021 4:10 pm

I'm trying to source the components for the KNIT module but I'm puzzled by a couple of them. I'd appreciate if someone who's built the module could share a light on these for me :hail:
  • C54 - C61 are labelled ESD. From what I understand 0.1uF caps would work for them.
  • C2 doesn't mention any value, only that it's polarized. [10uF 16V]
  • F1 only specifies ferrite bead, but no value. [100MHZ 1k 300mA]

Ok, so I found the Mouser cart from Antumbra's site and after comparing the BOM to the cart I could figure out the missing pieces. As it turns out the C54-C61 probably are varistors (this one: I'll let you know if it blows up or not :hihi:

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