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Earthside communication channel for 6U format devices

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rolling updates thread

Post by slow_riot » Wed Jan 30, 2019 3:04 pm

Starting a new thread for general news/updates...

Crossposting from Facebook:

Price of Oscilloplasm rose to £800 unavoidably due to rising costs at this end, in particular the AD633 analog multiplier. Note that the cost of this module is a bit of an anomoly due to the complexity, future modules will be 3/4s of the cost of this one at least.

So the B***t deadline is looming, for EU customers I have 2 more units to ship from stock that I can guarantee will be before whatever mess occurs. Preparations for post B****t sales to EU customers are in place, but they will almost certainly be more complex than direct shipping across a common political zone!

Finally, the last Oscilloplasm went out to a customer whose collection is affiliated with the National Gallery of Denmark, and includes an EMS Synthi 100. A proud day for everyone involved.


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Re: rolling updates thread

Post by this beautiful mess » Thu Dec 26, 2019 9:04 am

Hi everyone

I thought it would be good to keep you up to date on the work being done at Aether Machine. There are pros and cons to showing preproduction work to the public, but I think for me it's a good thing.

My intention at this point is to take the Oscilloplasm into a more mainstream format (whilst continuing to support existing products of course). It will lose the modulation Sine but gain a set of waveshapers based on simple multiplication in stages to make a typical complex VCO (incidentally, anyone with an Oscilloplasm should really try feeding both parts of the main output into a linear multiplier like on the Hinton ModMix - you will get perfect octave ups from every partial). These waveshapers will make it into the W300 series Destinator module (along with 4 VCAs) as a dedicated companion module for it, but that will come later.

In terms of design objectives, the mainstream format module will aim for around the upper mid-end of the market, with automated production and some redevelopment to reduce costs. One major instance being less reliance on expensive 4 quadrant multipliers, which will however mean no through zero (which never seemed to help with sales anyway). But everything else will remain, and I think it will be an interesting contribution to that format. It was 5 years in development and I'm in a position to put my confidence behind it in a more mainstream market now.

Special thanks to everyone who bought modules or showed support for the work, to Grant and Cary, to anyone other manufacturers that looked at the published schematics but didn't go to market with them, and to the MW moderators for having me here.

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