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MOD7 virtual modular techniques

Posted: Sun Jan 12, 2020 5:30 pm
by psionic11
New user here, not sure how I'll be received coming from a virtual modular perspective. Be gentle!

Quick question -- how can I best emulate that "fullness" I hear from various YT demos?

Is it an EQ profile (bump lower midbass, cut highs).
Or is it a decimation trick (use a pre-LPF which starts to cutoff input at half the sample rate, that is, rolls off after 24 kHz).
I've also tried Tube Emulators, actual analog Tube pre-amps (ART TPII).

I can get more than 85% there, just wondering if I'm missing some basic technique to bring the digital closer to the in-person analog feel.

Re: MOD7 virtual modular techniques

Posted: Sun Jan 12, 2020 5:34 pm
by psionic11
I forgot to mention that my virtual modular lab is a Kronos //ducks from boos and hisses

Kronos has the amazing MOD-7 synth engine. Many think of it as Korg's take on a DX FM engine, but it's much more than that.

-- virtual patch cables (drag and drop touchscreen connections)
-- dual multi-filter allows custom routing and phase/amounts of LP/HP/BP/dry combinations
-- waveshaping capabilities with over 100 waveshape tables
-- WS includes table, drive, and offset (DC bias)
-- various type of FM (exp/lin, TZFM, phase control, RM/AM, non-sine OSCs, etc)
-- audio IN OSC
-- PCM OSC (allows multisamples as carriers or modulators or just as layers)
-- noise with saturation and LPF

So you can see it has many elements that can replicate the experiments of the modular world.
At least that's how I see it as a newb trying to patch things together and see what sonic mayhem results...

The main two things I'm trying to squeeze out of it are 1) a bit more analog presence, and 2) a good iPad O-scope to see what I hear.