Super Sixteen build support thread

Creator of of the Super Sixteen Sequencer and based in San Francisco. This is a DIY and Finished Good product for Eurorack.

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Re: Super Sixteen build support thread

Post by jonnyjupiter » Wed Jan 13, 2021 1:16 pm

Bad luck. I've had too many of those existential moments post midnight, so now always stop at 11:30pm at the latest.
It's that tricky balance between finding a bit of free time long enough and the excitement of the new build.
About to test a build that went right up to the 11:30pm curfew last night. Hopefully won't have to bring my cocoa further forward.

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Re: Super Sixteen build support thread

Post by extralifedisco » Wed Jan 13, 2021 9:38 pm

KittenVillage wrote:
Tue Jan 12, 2021 3:56 pm
I've got a weird issue with my build. When I power it up, the 16 small leds light up dimly, but I can see what I'm selecting. The two bigger leds don't seem to light up at all. I'm pretty sure I got the orientation correct on the big ones. I can't see any obvious shorts. Any advice as to where to check first?

Edit: I'm looking at my board and the schematic and I've probably got a cold solder on pin 8 of U1 (or something...)

Edit2: It's not pin 8 of U1. Guess it's time to take some pictures...

Edit3: From the build guide: "Double-check that the LEDs are installed in the ​correct orientation​, with the short legs in the square holes on the PCB"

Edit 4: I've had my 15 minutes of existential despair over it. Serves me right for getting stressed over politics and then deciding to finish the build at 3am and pushing on til dawn. And then I had to wait all day for my kids to go to bed before I had the mental energy to puzzle it out. I'll pick up a proper desoldering gun and make it right next month. Still a very nice build, very solid. Cheers.
Ah, that sounds familiar! I've definitely bricked some boards trying to rush the last few parts. In fact I've even done the exact same thing on the my earlier prototype boards! I've actually compiled a version of the firmware that flips the polarity of the shift registers and allows the LED matrix to run with the LEDs installed in reverse. If you have an ICSP programmer of some kind you can just hook it up to the module and re-program the atmega chip to use that firmware. ... verted.hex

If you have avrdude installed (comes with the arduino software), here's a shell command to upload the firmware - you'll want to change "firmware.hex" to "firmware-inverted.hex" and you may need to use a different serial port or programmer mode (COM4 or COM5 instead of COM3 maybe, depends on your programmer. I use the pololu avr v3 which emulates the atmel stk500): ... /

For the gate and glide LEDs, you'll have to physically flip them as they're connected to the ground plane and can't be flipped in software.

As far as desoldering, I haven't got an electric desoldering gun but it is on my list! For small parts like LEDs you can usually just grab the led from one side and then wiggle it out one leg at a time while heating one pin, or heat up both terminals with a wide iron tip. Of course you still have to get the leds back in and seated at the right height so a manual (spring-powered) solder sucker is also handy along with some solder wick to clean out the vias.

EDIT: actually now that I think of it the inverted firmware may also flip the display register so it can use a common anode unit - if you have display issues with it or the LEDs don't start working let me know and I'll recompile a build for you.

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