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new cylob release (chris jeffs, kinesthesia, etc)
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Author new cylob release (chris jeffs, kinesthesia, etc)
citizen mori
hey everyone,

i wanted to point to a release from cylob called ambient news... he's put up a nice page for it at which has a bit of information on each track's technicals (really only barely as interesting as the music itself), it might give the circuit fiends around here some fun trainspotting to do.

it's a really nice release, i personally find it to be quite refined and beautiful...

i've been excited and impatient to point to it, for it's release, having had a chance to hear it a bit early and finding it to be so pretty. i do have some biases since some of the tracks were recorded in my studio but it's easily the nicest stuff my mixer has had a chance to experience as of yet. spinning nodnod

okay, cheers and i hope everyone enjoys this sort of news.

I was a huge Cylob fan and even liked him more than Richard James for a while. I bought Cylobian Sunset without knowing who or what it was and it was probably one of my greatest vinyl discoveries of all time. I now own quite a bit of his earlier stuff (Cylobian Sunset, Diof '97, Lobster Tracks, etc.).

I remember he started putting out more commercial/dance oriented stuff (drop the bass, living in the 1980s) and I kind of lost interest in him since it wasn't my particular proverbial cup of tea.

I'll listen to the preview when I get a chance. The technical site is interesting..

He's a great musician and was definitely one of my favs..

On another note Like A Tim's remix of Diof still remains one of my favorite tracks of all time..
valis wrote:
Cylobian Sunset

L love ve that one! Actually, that's the only one I've heard. I DL'd it 5 years ago and it sold me on cylob, but I've been slacking since and haven't found any of his albums at a price cheap enough for my stingy ass. MY ASS IS BLEEDING
Thanks for the heads up... just bought it. Sounds great so far.

I hadn't listened to anything by Cylob in a while... forgot how much I enjoyed his music.
citizen mori
hey big smiles, really nice to find some other fans of his stuff here. cheers!

Chugging Beers

CSR 010
Cylob - TQL
12 Track Album (40:37)
1 January 2015
valis wrote:
On another note Like A Tim's remix of Diof still remains one of my favorite tracks of all time..

Ah, Like A Tim... man, whatever happened to that guy?
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