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THD Hot Plate Best Thing Ever for high wattage amps!
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Author THD Hot Plate Best Thing Ever for high wattage amps!


I just got one of these:

Holy crap! I can finally hear what my Twin sounds like with everything turned up to 10 w/o being loud at all! This thing is the best thing ever for cranking up your high wattage amps w/o needing to be loud at all. Mmmm gotta play the synth through the Twin now for sure....

Chuck E. Jesus

love to hear an example...i also have a twin but don't use it much (i have GR3), but i'd like to start recording thru a real amp...having the ability to crank it w/o the volume would be neat-o!


nice, been eyeing their univalve amp unit for a while now!


Chuck E. Jesus wrote:
love to hear an example...i also have a twin but don't use it much (i have GR3), but i'd like to start recording thru a real amp...having the ability to crank it w/o the volume would be neat-o!

I'll try to do that sometime in the next day. Maybe later tonight. This is literally the first time the twin (late 80's red knob, nothing special, I paid $600 new in '89) has ever in it's life been past 5. I'm amazed how different the amp sounds fully loaded and hot. The coolest part is that with the Hot Plate, I don't even have to have a speaker plugged in when it's in "Load" mode. It seems like the perfect recording amp all of a sudden since I could mic it at lower levels while driving the amp hard as well as get the hotplate output direct in. My speakers suck (one jensen, the other is generic) so not a big deal about micing it. It's made me start looking at amp heads all of a sudden since they don't need cabs any more. SlayerBadger!

Demos later tonight most likely after I adjust a few things. BTW, straight in only using the tube screamer sounds freaking amazing. I wish I had kept the original one I had almost 25 years ago.



A Dingleberry Monstrosity

this + fucking fucker = ??????


A Dingleberry Monstrosity wrote:
this + fucking fucker = ??????

eek! eek!

Hmmmm....maybe Roger would let me bring it by to hear the fully unleashed wrath of the Fucking Fucker. But you know what...I don't remember seeing it there in a while.... d'oh! cry

I'm starting to have AC30 head lust....

Pockets McCoy

...and I'm starting to have what if I plugged my AC30 into one of these lust. If only there wasn't all this damn geography in the way. d'oh!


LOL, I know how it feels. I can't really turn my Super Reverb up beyond 2 without the walls shaking.


I have a THD Hot Plate and love it. It's perfect for a multitude of uses - recording, tone experimentation, playing without worrying about your teeth vibrating out of your skull, all the good stuff. You can crank any amp to the limits and turn it down through the Hot Plate to levels that you can comfortably talk over. Plus it has the extra Bright and Deep switches which just add a little bonus to it.

The only downside would be that you obviously can't get speaker breakup without pushing watts through your speakers, but the only time you'll ever realistically be achieving that would be in an isolated recording room or a venue where you wouldn't be using a Hot Plate anyways. The t0n3 elitists out there will sometimes sprout up and say that it "saps tone," but I guess I haven't put enough sticks up my ass to care when I'm using it. It's meant to be a tool of convenience, so use it that way and it couldn't possibly do its job any better.


The Twin is on the clean channel with a Tube screamer and a box of rock played with an ebow. The knobs are all around noon, volume is about 6. The loudest I can ever have it w/o the hot plate is maybe 2 or 3 only on a weekend if my neighbors are out. Not a good demo of just the tone coming out, but I'm no tone whore, just me having some fun with some stuff and logic plugins.


I bought the Weber attenuator, similar I think but much less money. Very good investment for anyone who doesn't live in a cabin alone in the middle of nowhere.

It's actually a tiny speaker motor without the cone. So it reacts like a cabinet would and doesn't really effect the tone that much. You just put it in series before the speaker. I have the 25W model, no brainer $75 price.

Love it.


I can post an audio example, but my rig is so weird I don't know what use it would be. I play through a kit-built Trinity TMBIII head, a Marshall 18W amp with plexi front end, into a Fender Blues Junior speaker cab. On the 0.0001% chance you have a similar rig, you can see what that sounds like.

Rockin' Banana!


(oops wrong thread)

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