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P-Verb (low cost Eurofied effects processor)
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Author P-Verb (low cost Eurofied effects processor)
The P-Verb is a low cost and reasonably simple conversion of the Alesis PicoVerb effects processor. The conversion is mostly mechanical and consists of input attenuation, output amplification and eurorack power interfacing. The majority of the conversion happens on a small interface pcb. Some minor smd soldering (0805) is required for 2 gain setting resistors on the PicoVerb pcb. The module is 8HP but is deep by today’s standards at 100mm (4”). Certainly is not skiff friendly.

I have done several of these for myself and friends and thought I would see if a few people might be interested in a kit. The PicoVerb is out of production, but typically sell used for less than $50. I have a small stash of brand new PicoVerb units that we’ll offer up at $50 on the Erthenvar website. I’m not sure on the exact pricing for the panel, knobs, pcb and components, but they will be less than $50 so this can be a sub $100 reverb module ($99.99). Anyway that is the plan if there is interest.

I turned on the camera for a look at the assembly process.
Awesome idea! I have an old Nanoverb in the closet that I've always thought about trying to do this with. hihi
That video was amazing! I could watch you solder all day! love
Cool! I've got an old microverb that's been sitting connected to my mixer but not dialed in for like decades - I've been meaning to do something like this to it eventually.
Really good conversion (and entertaining video thumbs up ). I too have a microverb that could get this treatment.

I've been very close to modifying and mounting an Alesis Bitrman, it runs internally on 3.3 volts but requires AC so I assume it's a similar setup to this unit with output buffers. The cool thing is the pots are all just analog voltages into the cpu so with some additional components (scaling to 3.3v) everything would be CV-able. So tempting.....
That price for a reverb module is as hot as the video!
Yes, sir, you caught my interest. In other words:
I'd love to get one kit, so count me in love
I'd definitely be in for a kit!
very cool.
you rule! another cool module and video.
wow that was an amazing video! you are fucking awesome!
Thank you for the nice comments. You guys are much too kind.

I will deliver a few kits to Erthenvar on Sunday.
What about adding CV control for the mix?
kuxaan-sum wrote:
What about adding CV control for the mix?

A lot more could be done. The mods I made are a grab of lowest hanging fruit.

A friend who is handy with a camera took a few pictures for me:

In stock and ready to go!
There's a Picoverb with no power supply for 5.50 on Ebay ending in 30 minutes if anyone wants to build this. ories&hash=item2a3822c693
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