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BINDUBBA 3 up/down/sideways/forward/backward SEQUENCER
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Author BINDUBBA 3 up/down/sideways/forward/backward SEQUENCER
hihi sorry another one, got the pcb drawn up but won't be getting any made 'til the bindubba1 seq is finished. Again, any comments or suggestions are very much appreciated.

from homepage

Mar2010 BINDUBBA 3 up/down/sideways/forward/backward SEQUENCER

This sequencer has two sets of inputs, a CV out, inverted CV out and 16 gate outs.
If the pots/LEDs/gates are laid out in a 4x4 matrix, one set of inputs controls horizontal movement, the other vertical. Each set of inputs has a clock input, reset and up/down. The clocks can be linked so the horizontal clock will drive the vertical section on every 16th step.
More interesting is to have two quite different clocks driving the circuit to get complex patterns forming.
An example of counting would be: 1, 2,v 7, 8,v 9, 10, 11,v 16, 13, 14,v 3, 4...The 'v' indicates a vertical clock pulse.
Then you can start messing with the up/down direction to really get a groove on!
The counters can be manually or gate controlled to count up or down. The reset inputs can reset the count back to the 1st stage or be switched to random reset, in this case the Q3, Q4 outputs of the 4029 counters will determine the reset point, but there is no easy way of knowing what that will be, so it is essentially random.
The LEDs and current limiting/gate resistors have been left off the PCB, these are to be mounted on the panel. It is assumed the gate jacks and LEDs will be positioned next to each other, so it is quite simple to connect these with resistors.
This method saves connecting 32 wires from the PCB to panel and reduces PCB real estate.
The PCB is double sided, will get some made up after finishing the Bindubba1 sequencer.

bindubba3 - full schematic (jpg)

bindubba3 - panel (pdf)

bindubba3 - build notes (pdf)
You are a machine andrew!!

I'm leaving a big empty hole in the middle of my Modular Seq'ing case just for your stuff!
Wow! woah

Now this is something I'd like to build!
Great stuff as usual.
One day i'll have that chaos thing build to.
hey, I kind of get this one!

Can I be in-countable please?
How did the PC boards work out for this? Would still love to get one if available...
where do i send money? It's peanut butter jelly time!
count me in too
gwaidan wrote:
How did the PC boards work out for this? Would still love to get one if available...

i did a small test run a while back. The clock circuits, CV outputs and stepped outputs were good but the design for the gate/LEDs subcircuits was hmmm rubbish angry very frustrating
so had to build an add-on board to implement those functions.
The current schematic on the bindubba3 page is the working version.

Once that was sorted it is a good sequencer and works as expected.
Sounds good! I'll definitely consider doing this one on veroboard.

All the same I reckon that given all the interest right now in the René and the Z8000, a run of debugged PC boards would go like hotcakes... SlayerBadger!
rico loverde
def interested as well in at least one
I followed the links from your original post and am getting 404's.

Fantastic work. Just checked out your chaos filter too and that is wonderful as well.
Thankyou - updated the links, should all work now.
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