Muff Wiggler Store is No More

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Muff Wiggler Store is No More

Post by Muff Wiggler » Sun May 08, 2016 1:41 pm

note - this message is being cross-posted in the "Site Stuff", "Shop Talk" and "Announcements" subforums. The first thread will remain open for discussion, the other two will be locked. For questions or discussions about the store, inventory and pending orders/credits, please start a new thread in the Shop Talk subforum so that a store representative can read and respond. Thanks.

"all thing must pass" as they say.... And today I have the difficult task of announcing that the Muff Wiggler store has come to an end.

There are numerous reasons for this change, reasons which are complex and shall remain private. I'd like to say that I have had a ton of fun throughout this time and am grateful for my partners, friends and everyone who has been a customer.

The store was a really cool thing which I'll always remember fondly, and it did a great job of ensuring that this wonderful forum remained free and available to all of the modular synth enthusiasts who come to spend time here.

As of today the store and the forum are completely separate entities with no ties between them. The store no longer provides financial support to the forum and will continue on under a new name and with ownership that no longer includes myself.

The forum and the Muff Wiggler name carry on as my own responsibilities and as before (just as it was before the store launch) I remain committed to ensuring they remain available and free for everyone without advertisements.

I'll be starting a new thread in the "Site Stuff" subforum to have a discussion about ideas for funding the site. I have some ideas.... but am also open to hearing others as we are moving back to a "community funded/donation" model.

(Edit: discussion thread can be found here: viewtopic.php?t=161073)

I wish my friends the greatest of success with their relaunch and rebranding of the store and want to encourage everyone to consider them for future purchases. Any outstanding orders or gift certificates will certainly be honoured by the store ownership.

There will be a transition period while the store rebrands and I'm happy to assist by keeping the existing links, "shop talk" subforum and URLs active until they are ready to go with their new brand. These are really cool guys who have done a great deal to support all of us and the development of this "split" represents absolutely no ill will towards them on my behalf. I am certain they will be brining many cool things to the table and I'm excited for their future and for our own.

This whole scene is an amazing one full of great people, and I'm proud that we have been able to navigate some difficult events while still supporting each other.

Thanks for everything, and here's to a great future for everyone!


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