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Buchla 158A Sine Saw Generator DIY
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Author Buchla 158A Sine Saw Generator DIY
The build page is still in process (no wiring diagram yet).

Buchla 158A DIY by mpeake, on Flickr

158A 4g Parts Legend by mpeake, on Flickr
fuck yea!!!!!!!!
Don T
Coolness! Thanks for sharing!
You've just made my day Mike!
It's time to etch again winkwinkwink
Nice work!

P-channel JFET? Can't recall ever using one, and I have 4 of the 258J boards all soldered up, need to check if I used the wrong part by accident grin
Checked N-chan. only, no worries smile
Musicology of Dreams
Peake that fantastic work i am very glad to diy vintage oscilators from your pages.
I stay in tune for more details about circuit, pcb , panel and construction.
Thanks and have a nice day This is fun!
Could you tell me where the emitter of the last transistor,in the middle of the back of the P.C.board goes'?I have tried to figure it out,but I am stumped.I notice that there is no emitter pad,on the 158A parts placement.On the schematic,the collector goes to 15v.,the base to wiper on 50K,audio pot and the emitter goes to ground,I believe? You also mentioned something about a missing transistor?Sorry to trouble you,but I really have no clue about where the pad went and where the emitter should actually go?
Thank you for your time!!
The one with the un-named pads which are separated and not a straight line is the "missing" transistor not present in the schematic but which exists on working vintage modules. The two pads which are close together are E and C; B is the one toward the middle of the PCB. The right side of the PCB is dense with components because of that late addition.
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