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[BUILD] Spectra Mirror (DIY now available)
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Author [BUILD] Spectra Mirror (DIY now available)
Hello friends. After a long time of writing the build documentation I am pleased to announce that the Spectra Mirror is now available as a DIY PCB/ panel. The Spectra Mirror is a very fully featured downsampler which does things that no other downsampler can do, including voltage controlled bipolar resonance, tracking 1v/o, control over the "amount" of downsampling and of course our very unique "high pass sampling" effect.

Product page and ordering for DIY is here:

PCB + panel is $65, just PCB set is $40

Build documentation and BOM is here: vailable.html

Parts cost about $50 depending on where you get them.

The Spectra Mirror was designed with the intention of supporting other formats, however I have not built one to be powered by a 15V supply yet. I will be working with some friends who use Buchla/ serge and will report back with instructions on building in other formats.
Very cool and unusual DIY project! Just ordered a set.
A customer noticed an error in the build documents, when you are testing for power before inserting chips you should see V+ on pin 7 of the TL071 and not pin 8 (aka IC5). Thank you Jalopy!

Been awhile since I commented on this, just wanted to point out several things.

Had a customer whose unit wouldn't tune 1v/o. After some examination it turned out that the range of the VCO was too low so we replaced R4 with a 22k resistor (instead of 47k) and that expanded the range of the VCO to allow for 1v/o tuning. If you calibrated your VCO to peak into ultrasound when it is all the way CW but the pitch kind of stops decreasing once you hit low audio rate (like 30 - 40 Hz) then you probably should do this modification.

Also I am out of stock for Spectra Mirror DIY materials but they are now available through our DIY distributors: ra-mirror spectrummirror-pcp
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