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Running into issues with Silent Way in Reaper / High Sierra
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Author Running into issues with Silent Way in Reaper / High Sierra
Had SW running great in Reaper on my Mac running Yosemite. Recently upgraded to High Sierra and knew it was too good to be true when things I tested continued to work. But I hadn't gotten around to Silent Way until tonight.

The issue:
Open a fresh project in Reaper (latest release v 5.70 64-bit).
Add a new track.
Open FX and insert a Silent Way plugin, e.g. SW LFO. The plugin works.
Try to add another SW plugin, e.g. SW ESX-8CV Combiner OR try to remove the first SW plugin.
Nothing happens. Beach ball spins. Need to Force Quit Reaper.

I haven't tested all plugins, but all that I've tested cause the hang.
No other plugins (only SW) I've tested cause this issue.

I googled and searched here, but came up empty.

FWIW, I have Ableton, but only the Live Lite version. I don't use it much, but Silent Way plugins seem to load OK there, even more than one, though unloading them takes longer than I would expect - beach balls briefly but eventually proceeds without hanging the whole program. So maybe it's more a Reaper issue than SW, but since other plugins aren't causing me problems I figured I'd start here.

EDIT: Actually, putting 2 SW plugins into a Live set, e.g. LFO and CV to MIDI, and then trying to close that set causes a hang as well. . . .

Dead Banana

Thanks for any input. Happy to troubleshoot in any way.
Also, AU (both versions 2.6.0) exhibits same fault as VST.
Le bump. Does Os still haunt these threads? I'm certain he's a busy cat, but thought I'd try again.
Please give these a go:

Thanks for the response. I'll try them out this evening. The ONE day I don't bring my laptop to work . . . wink
Looks good, Os. I can't test out the AAX today, but VST and AU are working in Reaper and Live!

Thank you!
I have a similar problem in Cubase 9.5.10 with high sierra 10.3.2. I'm on a Mac pro, the dustbin. I use vst3. Opening a plug-in works ok, but when I close them, it takes about 10-15 seconds, with a spinning ball of death. The window goes black, you wait for 10-15 sec, then it closes. It doesn't crash in the end, but its annoying and you always think it will crash. On the whole, it is more crashes, often correlated to opening and closing plugins, not only SW, but its much better on Cubase 9.5, than it was on Cubase 9.0.
I can't check if our upgrade works, since it is vst2. Do you have any upgrades for vst3?
I added the VST3 to the post above.
Seems to be working ok with the new version. Thank you for the swift reply.
Brilliant, thanks for this Os, was having similar issues in Logic and Live, pluggins hanging as closed. Just tried your new AU build and all working smoothly again. thumbs up
hi, os
here the callibration-curve from the AU is completley different from the VST's one ... the range is als half as the other one.

same output, same settings, same input. only changed the AU and VST ...

Ableton 10 (beta) mac os 10.11.6
just tested and the new au and vst close smoothly now in maschine too

I updated my OS from Yosemite to high sierra, but i'm still running SW 2.5.1 (it works fine, so never bothered to upgrade to 2.6)
With high sierra, I do have the spinning lollipop when I close the plugin (AU), but only for 20secs. It manages to come back on its feet after that.
Annoying but it works. So downgrading is possibly a cheeky fix.

So that's that.

Nice WE.

EDIT: that's in ableton live.
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