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MFB Seq-01 Pro -
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Author MFB Seq-01 Pro -
Has anyone tried out this new version?

Any opinions appreciated on this and drum trigger options generally.

Looks like it has midi clock sync which is good. I read a bit about clocking issues with the original seq-01 although several people on here have used it without problems.

Looks like a great option for pairing with MFB drum modules as it would give extra channels. I already have my drum modules or they are in the diy pipeline.

No video available, no review, no nothing seriously, i just don't get it

I need a simple but effective 16 steps trigger sequencer.
Thought about varigate 8+ but it might be overkilled for my music.
Price of MFB is good too. ^^
Curious as to what "m-bus" is, is it an MFB standard?
No idea.

Couldn't find a manual neither!
I will contact MFB am sure they will want to give further info.
I have received a reply from MFB on the Seq-01 pro. I asked them a couple of things and also included the questions others on this thread came up with so far (hopefully) Good on all counts apart from a video demo - maybe someone on here will do one soon!

Especially interesting that the m-bus will be open to other manufacturers so that potentially the extra channels could control others (maybe even diy?)

The reply from MFB:
1) The M-Bus is a midi like serial connection but it is 10 times faster than midi, we will open it to other manufacturers
2) The midi in is for midi clock synchronisation and future firmware updates
3) It is possible to sync it to midi clock, analog clock with start/stop signal or reset impuls
5) The SEQ-01 Pro is ready to be ordered, we have units in stock
Many thanks Ayab!

4) page not found!
seriously, i just don't get it
Seems pretty interesting. So the improvements on the previous version are MIDI clock sync and this mbus protocol? Might be worth it just for the clock sync.
chapelier fou
I hate to think like this, but i had MIDI problems (stuck notes) on my MFB Kraftzwzerg. A few years ago, i sent it back. Mansfred claimed it was repaired but still had the same probs.
So i lost my faith in MFB + MIDI. So i'm even more doubtful about the M-Bus.

This, and the Dual LFO reset on falling edge.

Anybody to make me find my MFB love back ??
The Drum Machines are quite appealing as well.
I only own a MFB tanzmaus but the MIDI is solid on it. Only learning that they have had issues today, honeslty surprised because the machine is so well layed out and seems to have high build quality. I guess I would feel differently if I bought one and it didn't work.
chapelier fou
"Stuck notes" is not something you'd find on a drum machine anyway.
Jaypee wrote:
Many thanks Ayab!

4) page not found!
seriously, i just don't get it

Hmmm, sorry that I didn't check it I just pasted it to my comment. Will get in touch with MFB again.
Nightly Closures
I have the tanzbar, 522 and step-64. Ive had zero midi timing issues.

Have to add MFB have been very responsive.
Did anyone get any more info on M-Bus?

I'm unclear if you need to get their MIDI interface module to take advantage of it.

I'm assuming yes, but the MIDI module only has MIDI in on DIN, so the advertised faster serial transfer speed isn't going to to be that much of a benefit.

Looking for help on this. Sebastian sent me a new firmware [.sys] that I converted to .MID and loaded into my MPC, which I am trying to have the SEQ--01 Pro slave to. It won't send song position, which really sucks, because I want the Play/Start to be in sync so I can stutter playback from the MPC, and have the SEQ-01 lock in step.

I have tried:
• Booting the module holding down 1+9 to enter "firmware update mode"
• Updating firmware via SysExLibrarian using Korg SQ-1 to stereo 3.5mm MIDI out into Seq-01 Pro MIDI in 3.5mm jack
• Converting .sys to .MID, load into MPC, play .MID from MPC.
• Opening .sys in SysExLibrarian, transferring at 60ms via Audio 8 MIDI OUT.

It plays 212 bars and stops; there is no visual indication of anything happening when the SYSEX file is sent or completed. Cables have been swapped and checked in every possible configuration; they work with every other device, including a Nanozwerg, but will not jive with the SEQ-01 Pro

I will say that the new sequencing mode is certainly more obtuse than the Seq-02, and may consider picking up another one of those again.
Answering my own response, thanks to HIDE from Meme Antenna:

4 - Tip
2 - not connected (Ring Not Connected)
5 - Sleeve

** This is same configuration as Arturia Original Beatstep & Expert Sleepers DJ-1000 cable. But those cables uses TS plug instead of TRS like mfb.

According to Todd, the cable comes with Nanozwerg works fine with Nanozwerg but not SEQ-01 Pro. I have not tested Nanozerg but the cable did not work with SEQ-01 Pro as mentioned in previous email.

What signal SEQ-01 Pro expect on each pins?

According to the MIDI standard (updated on 2014) and the Sparkfun website, 3 pins are supposed to use as

Pin 4 Voltage Reference Line
Pin 2 Shield
Pin 5 Data Line c-implementation

What confused me more is that I found 2 ways that works (workaround) that does not make sense.

1st way with Korg SQ-1:
SQ-1 used TRS jack for MIDI output. So I can use TRS to TRS cable to connect SQ-1’s MIDI out directly to SEQ-01’s MIDI Input. I tried this and it did not work. However, by swapping Tip and Ring, it started working. (korg-swap-tip-ring-1.jpg & korg-swap-tip-ring-2.jpg, RCA Red/White swapped).
By the way, Korg’s 3.5mm to MIDI is made as following.
4 - Ring
2 - Sleeve
5 - Tip

2nd way with TRS to TS adapter: (Used DAW sequencer >> Audio/MIDI interface >> ordinary MIDI cable>> MIDI-3.5mm)
This just used TRS to TS conversion, actually used tiptop Stackcable. So instead of connecting mfb's 3.5mm-MIDI cable directly to SEQ-01 Pro's MIDI input, connect the 3.5mm TRS to stackcable then to SEQ-01 Pro MIDI IN.

MIDI>>3.5mm TRS >>3.5mm TS (stackcable) >> SEQ-01 Pro.

So, either correct cable has to be made or circuit has to be modified???

I researched about 3.5mm to MIDI cable, there are few 3.5mm plug to MIDI configurations out there. 998429ac29e463b6ae13b14

Arturia (beatstep pro), Novation

4 - Tip
2 - Sleeve
5 - Ring

Korg, ADDAC, Entrospect, Alyseum, Makenoise is

4 - Ring
2 - Sleeve
5 - Tip

These use use 3.5mm TRS plug.


There is also
Arturia Original Beatstep & Expert Sleepers DJ-1000 cable.
4 - Tip
2 - not connected
5 - Sleeve

These uses 3.5mm TS (mono) plug.

Now one comes with mfb Seq-01 Pro has same pin configuration as DJ-1000 cable but using TRS plug**

Thing is, there is no standard for 3.5mm plug to MIDI cable. And the old MIDI standard required to disconnect ground on MIDI input in order to avoid ground loop. But revised standard permits to connect the shield at both end. This might have created possibility of more cable config variation??

Attached is the updated firmware; you may have to experiment a few times to make sure you have the correct input on the MFB.

Here are two videos of the process of updating the firmware and showing the MFB syncing to the MPC:

nice work sines .. I cross referenced it to this thread:
I just bought a used MFB Seq 01 PRO. Its a pretty cool little Module.., but I dont understand a lot of it,,, (I dont care about MIDI at this point).
Please- If anyone can tell me how to SEE which notes/gates I am editing, I would greatly appreciate it--its driving me nuts, I cant tell where the notes/gates (lit) are in the sequence that I am working on. The manual is really vague at least to me, I just dont understand it. Thanks!
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